Sunday, 12 April 2015

What Gear Do you Need?

What Gear do you Need?

 There are plenty of people ready to give advice about gear to have, but most of them are coloured by their own preferences and experiences and you will in time know what is suitable for you. However, it would not be wise to tackle outdoor Fell Walking in sandals and a light jacket - you would not only be putting yourself at risk but also your companions and also those who may have to rescue you if you got into difficulties. Fell Walking is an activity which could be called a sport and includes risks.

You do not need a lot of equipment to get started and often you are able to borrow from a friend, but I think that essentials are a good pair of well fitting boots with socks - they are as important as the tyres on your car and a water and wind proof top jacket. You need to be secure on the ground and be able to keep warm and dry in the worst conditions.

Here is a list of suggestions from the BMC which you may find useful;

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or this beginners guide with a podcast

The Great Outdoors in Good Company is the thing that you will always remember

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