Thursday, 14 May 2015

359 June Walks from Coniston

Our next walking will be on
Saturday 13th June 2015
and will be from 

Coniston in Cumbria

a Popular Spot for Hill Walking

Until the copper mines, dating from Jacobean times, were revitalised about 1859, Coniston was a scattered rural community. It was mainly settled around Coniston Hall, a 16th Century farmhouse with a display of mighty chimneys, built by the Fleming family, and now owned by the National Trust (though not open to the public).

Its best feature is The Old Man of Coniston, rising dramatically behind the houses when seen from the village centre. Coniston is a good centre for walkers and climbers, and those wanting to investigate the Tilberthwaite Slate here for more
There will be 3 walks;

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

A Walk from Coniston 2015

Walk Leader:     Garth Raybould
Total Distance:  8½ miles (13.5 km)
Total ascent:     3360 feet (1025 m)
Climbing Prison Band 2010

Now we are into real 'A' walk territory!  The distance is short but there is plenty of climbing on this walk.  From Coniston to the summit of Wetherlam is a continuous, 2-hour, 3-mile, 700m (2340ft) climb, varying in gradient but with some steep bits.  Apart from that it's easy!  Well, apart from descending to Swirl Hawse and then having to climb again.  That descent is quite rocky and care needs to be taken.  The ascent of Prison Band to Swirl How is also rocky and requires a bit of easy scrambling here and there (hands as well as feet); it's steep but should only take about 20 minutes.  After that it is a genuinely easy, undulating walk to the top of the Old Man, followed by a steep descent (mainly on grass) back to Coniston, where the delights of the Sun Inn await.
This is a good 5¼-hour walk and although there is time for breaks we need to keep up a fairly brisk pace.  However, there are safe and easy 'escape routes' if time is lost for any reason.

See who can spot this!

B Walk Coniston 2015

Walk Leader: Gwyn Jones
Total Distance: 7.5 miles approx
Total ascent: 

A varied walk in three stages. First we walk along the lakeside to Torver Common. From there we climb gradually up to Walna Scar Road. Although the climb in total is 800ft there are two breaks on fairly level ground and there will be time to take as many pauses as we need. The final stage is the descent to Coniston. Weather permitting we will enjoy some splendid views. Not a hard walk. 

Gondola approaching Torver stage
Disused quarry near Walna Scar road