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398 Walks from Coniston

Our next walking will be on
Saturday 11th May 2019
and will be from 

Coniston in Cumbria

a Popular Spot for Hill Walking

Until the copper mines, dating from Jacobean times, were revitalised about 1859, Coniston was a scattered rural community. It was mainly settled around Coniston Hall, a 16th Century farmhouse with a display of mighty chimneys, built by the Fleming family, and now owned by the National Trust (though not open to the public).

Its best feature is The Old Man of Coniston, rising dramatically behind the houses when seen from the village centre. Coniston is a good centre for walkers and climbers, and those wanting to investigate the Tilberthwaite Slate here for more
There will be 3 walks;
  • A Walk led by; Peter Hitchcock
  • B Walk led by; Pat Guy
  • C Walk led by; John Adamson
More about Coniston here:

398 'A' walk from Coniston 2019

Walk Leader; Peter Hitchcock
Walk Distance: 10 Miles app
Total ascent/descent: 3250 ft app

The “Old Man of Coniston” beckons!  You cannot shy away from its grandeur and we shall be climbing up to the summit on a route closely linked to a ‘Wainright Route 3’.  As you will read later though, you will need to wear good, solid-sole, comfortable boots today!  We head south from the village car park alongside the main road to turn off near Spoon Hall and climb gradually westwards around the flank of Nettle Crag and the towering target itself.  After an hour, the climb steepens a little before levelling off alongside Goat’s Water in the cradle of Dow Crag.  This is an absolutely awe-inspiring cul-de-sac which you will love. 

 A hard 40-min stepped climb now starts from the northern tip of the lake to the summit of the Old Man itself. 

Ideally, the aim is to have lunch at the top with some of the best views in the country before returning north along the ridge passing Little and Great How crags to the Swirl How cairn.  We then scramble down another stepped path to the crag’s base. This part of the descent is tricky and sure-footing is required.  Later on, the path near the mines is on loose stones for about 10 mins which is a bit uncomfortable; hence the need for solid boot soles. With the difficult bit complete, it is a 1:15 jaunt downhill back to Coniston via Levers Water reservoir, the fascinating copper mines of old, Coniston Fells and the Miners’ Bridge.  Ten hard miles in all with a climb to about 2650 ft amsl.  As a grading, this walk is right up there in the top category but the reward for such a hard graft is a magical experience and a truly satisfying sense of achievement as you sup your first 2 pints of ‘Bluebird Ale’!

P.S.  Once we arrive at Coniston this morning, please be ready quickly (loo stop [30p]/boots on) as we need a smart getaway on this one; time will be of the essence throughout the whole walk.

398 'B' Walk from Coniston 2019

Walk Leader:  Pat Guy
Walk Distance: 8.5 miles
Total ascent/descent: 1600 ft app

Our  objective today is Black Crag, one of the lower Wainwrights at just over 1,000ft.

We start the walk from Coniston village walking to the head of Coniston Water before turning into the grounds of Monk Coniston Hall, then we start to ascend through the woods to the picturesque Tarn Hows where we shall have a short break. We then walk part of the way along the eastern side of the tarn before turning away and making our way into the Iron Keld Plantation and eventually ascend to the summit of Black Crag, this may not be the highest Wainwright but it has splendid views of the high mountains and lakes which surround it and is a lovely spot for lunch.
We will then return towards the Iron Keld but take the undulating path along the west side of Tarn Hows, at the end Ice Creams may be purchased. We then do a short road walk along the road and turn off to follow the Cumbria Way back to Coniston where further refreshments can be enjoyed.

398 'C' Walk from Coniston 2019

Walk Leader: John Adamson
Total Distance:6.00 miles app
Total Ascent/descent: 925ft app

 (ascent from 50 ft to 300 ft.)

The C Walk starts with a coffee and cake in one of the local tea shops in Coniston.  We leave the village of Coniston and walk north east towards Coniston Lake and on up to Tarn Hows.  The route starts with a flat section and then climbs up to fells surrounding the lake. We walk anticlockwise around the Tarn taking in the attractive views.  The return route back to Coniston follows a very scenic walk down the bridleway with views over the Langdales and Wetherlam. There is a long climb on the walk but we will take our time.  There are no stiles 

Saturday, 13 April 2019