Saturday, 6 August 2022

Settle, Walk C, Sat 13th Aug 2022

Lead by Gwyn Jones, distance 5.7 miles.

From Settle we head up to Stainforth Force where we will have our lunch sitting on the limestone pavement. After lunch we take a short climb up a tarmac road before continuing on the road back down to Settle. A good deal of the way is riverside grassland and tarmac but there are some parts where the path is stony. There is one short climb and approx. 8 stiles.

Friday, 5 August 2022

Settle, Walk B, Sat 13th Aug 2022

Lead by Jennifer Mathias.

This loop is along walled paths, woodland, open pasture and up to limestone scars. There is variety and good views. It is classed as moderate but the decent into Settle is quite steep. This walk is about 7 miles.



Monday, 1 August 2022

Settle, Walk A, Sat 13th Aug 2022

Lead by Peter Hitchcock.

Settle is a familiar stomping ground for the Club so the aim on this walk is to visit 2
waterfalls which usually avoid the radar; but, the recent dry weather has led to just a water trickle but the sites are quite pretty and they are something you can tick off your local ‘bucketlist’!

After capitalising on the free toilets at the car park, we depart to the East on the usual exit route up to the Pennine bridleway; you will be “puffing” within 5 mins! But it is a short spell before we head northwards along the ridge line to Langcliffe, Upper Winskill and then on to the moors and Carrig Force waterfall. If the weather is good, we shall then take a slightly longer choice, very scenic route to Jubilee cave, following the track south along the base of the escarpment for a shallow climb up Sugar Loaf Hill and onwards to Scaleber Force waterfall; again, quite pretty. Finally, we return to Settle via an old drove road – the locally famous Lambert Lane – the latter part of which is quite steep downhill into the town so sticks would be a bonus. A couple of nice pubs await.

At about 9 miles, the route is quite short but the gains are in the views and you won’t be subjected to my first route which would have involved a 45 min ‘Falkland-style’ yomp along metalled track and then marshy bog! I wouldn’t have been popular!


Saturday, 2 July 2022

Bakewell, Walk B, Sat 9th July 2022

Walk lead by Richard Hawkins, 7 miles.

After crossing the Lovers Bridge and walking beside the river we cross over the
medieval bridge and walk up Castle Hill  towards the golf club. Turning right into an
overgrown pathway we climb up to the golf course and cross over to the pathway on
the far side. Continue climbing up the path which is steep and heavily eroded and
likely to be wet and slippery in places. The path rises up the ridge and meets a steep
bridleway which we follow, always walking uphill until we reach a narrow roadway
and a right turn across to fields and plantations to the village of Edensor. Tasty
refreshments are available at the tearooms in Edensor, the cake is especially good.
Cross over the main road and follow the footpath towards Chatsworth House which
can be seen across the river Derwent. The route then follows the Derwent Valley
Heritage Way and then right into Carlton Lees (toilets in the garden centre) and the
gravel track to Calton House and continues across fields following a track back to
Bakewell. The details of the final walk down to Bakewell will depend on the weather.

Friday, 1 July 2022

Bakewell, Walk C, Sat 9th July 2022

Walk lead by Gwyn Jones, 5.7 miles.

This walk is mostly level and has very little uphill walking. We start by crossing the bridge over the river Wye and walking to the “picture perfect” village of Ashford-in-the-Water. There is a short bit of road walking but mostly alongside the river. From Ashford we walk up a short hill before making our way through fields to join the Monsal trail. This is the old railway track and is therefore level all the way to the old Bakewell railway station where we descend back into the town. I apologise to those who were on our last visit to Bakewell where we did this walk but the other way round. After last month’s climbing I felt I had to keep it flat and there’s not much of it at Bakewell.

Approaching Ashford-in-the Water
The Monsal Trail

Wednesday, 15 June 2022

Coach fares will now be £20 per head

In line with recent Club message, please note that from 1 July 2022 coach fares will now be £20 per head.

Wednesday, 8 June 2022

Keswick, Walk A, Sat 11th June 2022

Skiddaw Little Man, lead by Brian Thorne, 

Approximately 10 miles, 2,821 ft (860m) assent.

According to Wainwright, Skiddaw Little Man, (the highest point of today’s walk) is “So fine a mountain that it is less than justice that its name must forever acknowledge subservience to its parent, Skiddaw.” Little it most certainly is not – its summit soars half a mile above the valley and the path to it is in parts steep and unremitting. Having said that, the views from the summit present a magnificent panorama of the heart and soul of Lakeland and are well worth the extra effort that will be required to get ourselves up there.

So, leaving the coach, we pass up the High Street and through the Park to the Leisure Centre. Crossing the footbridge over the busy A66, we begin our climb up through the woods which cover the western flanks of Latrigg. Rising steadily, we pass through a small car park to begin the climbing in earnest. This is the really tough part, but just as you’re thinking, “Will it never end?” the gradient does finally ease and the way to the top is much less taxing.

Our way back to Keswick is (mostly) downhill, with a steep descent from the summit via Skiddaw Lesser Man to the main track on Jenkin Hill.


 The Skiddaw group.