Sunday, 20 October 2013

344 November Walks from Hollingworth

Our next walking will be from the Weighver's Seaport near Rochdale, just an hours drive away, yet with some great walking country around
it is


and will take place on

Saturday 9th November 2013
0800hrs prompt from short stay car park in the village
Hollingworth Lake in summer
Hollingworth Lake is a 130-acre (53 ha) reservoir at Smithy Bridge, in Littleborough — part of the Metropolitan Borough of Rochdale, in Greater Manchester, England. The lake was originally built as the main water source for the Rochdale Canal, but developed as a tourist resort from the 1860s, and became known as the Weighver's Seaport. Hotels were built around it, at least two of which had outdoor dancing stages with gas lighting. Tourism was helped by the arrival of the railway in 1839, which brought day-trippers and weekend visitors from Manchester, Bradford and Leeds.

The popularity of the lake as a resort declined in the early twentieth century, and the area was used as an army camp during the First World War. The canal company sold the reservoir, with seven others, to the Oldham and Rochdale Corporations for water supply in 1923, by which time the canal was in terminal decline. After the Second World War, boating rights were bought by Rochdale Council, who developed the area into the Hollingworth Lake Country Park in 1974. There has been a steady increase in facilities since, and it is now a thriving centre for water sports and other activities.

The lake was used for training by Captain Matthew Webb, before he became the first man to swim the English Channel in 1875, and was used for the "World Professional Mile Championship", a long-distance swimming event, in the 1880s. It is home to the Hollingworth Lake Rowing Club, which has been in continuous existence since 1872. 
There will be three walks;
Details will be added as they become available, but by Saturday 2nd November 

Saturday, 19 October 2013

A Walk from Hollingworth Visitor Centre 2013

Walk Leader: Tony McDonald
Distance:  10+ miles approx  
Total Ascent/descent: 1650ft

Awaiting details

B Walk from Hollingworth Visitor Centre 2013

Walk Leader: Beverley Kelly  
Distance: 8 miles approx
Total Ascent/descent: 1300ft

Aiggin Stone and the Weighvers Way

B Route anticlockwise

This walk is a repeat of the 2010 walk which was so successful because of its variety of terrain and views. We walk through woods, across a golf course, on a Roman Road; discover a 600yr old landmark, rescued animals and a relaxing stroll along the restored Rochdale Canal, the only thing missing from last time may be the beautiful crisp snow but hopefully we will have the brilliant sunshine to make the grasses glow.

Leach Hill and Higher Chelburn Reservoir

We shall be ascending past the Visitor Centre, where I have been assured that the wardens will let us use the toilets when it opens at 9.30am, before traversing the pathway through the trees towards Littleborough. 
At some steps we ascend through more woods towards the golf course and alongside it, not stopping at the 19th hole! to reach the Rochdale Way.

Near the road we pass alongside some delightful old cottages and continue the gentle climb up and as it gets a bit steeper we encounter the Roman road, complete with drainage channel, which climbs to the Aiggin Stone and Blackstone Edge (and beyond). Look for the Latin cross and the letters I & T on the Aiggin Stone 

We now cross moorland towards the White House, crossing the Broad Head Drain just before we meet the Halifax Road, then head towards the Chelburn Reservoirs, down a bleak valley, past a farm looking after rescued animals, which used to have a warning that somebody!!! would be shot if the animals were fed!!! This thankfully has gone.

A short climb to Leach Hill where we have a lovely view of this high valley before descending to Summit and the canal. This may be our lunch spot if we can last out this long? 

From Summit it is then a pleasant 1.5 mile stroll downhill along the Rochdale canal and several locks to Littleborough and a return back via a good pathway which you will recognise towards the visitor centre at Hollingworth

C Walk at Hollingworth Visitor Centre 2013

Walk Leader: Les Gibson
Distance: 6 miles approx  
Total Ascent/descent: 600ft

C Route anticlockwise

The ‘C’ walk starts after coffee etc. at the visitor centre, with a walk around the lake enjoying the lovely views across the lake, and the many different types of aquatic birds. We then make a small climb up and over Benny Hill !! which leads to the Pennine Way, which affords us with some beautiful scenery, weather permitting. After leaving the Pennine Way we make our way to the canal which leads us back ( via a bit of mud! ) to the visitor centre for further refreshments. There are no stiles on this walk.