Tuesday, 13 October 2015

A Party Walk Bolton Abbey 2015

Walk Leader: Jennifer Mathias
Total Distance: 10+ Miles

Total Ascent/descent:  1580ft

This walk is Simple to Simon's Seat!  It is there and back.  We leave the expensive car park and walk down to the River Wharfe (again)and cross it by bridge or stepping stones following the river for about a mile then up to join a path leading us up through The Valley of Desolation and onto the moors where we see several outcrops of rocks and beyond to Simon's Seat.

It is a long steady climb and those who want to can clamber to the top for the views of the moors. Then we will return the same way until we get to the River and follow the path past the Cavendish Pavillion and up onto the road for the village and refreshment.

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