Monday, 14 May 2018

'A' Walk from Betws-y-Coed 2018

Walk Leader: Peter Hitchcock
Walk Distance: 9 Miles app
Total ascent/Descent: 2000ft app

The adventure today is to explore to the South of the town for a change as the Club has not been that way for a while. If you like bird-life or the sweet smell of sawn timber then this walk is for you!!

From the car park (toilets 20p) we start our exploration from the rear of the church heading south. As you know, Betws-y-Coed is in a valley so you will have to climb whichever way you go! And, what goes up must come down; elementary, my Dear Watson! We have a 15 min climb straightaway into some lovely forest pines until we reach Llyn Elsi – full of wildlife. We’ll try and take in a monument as well. We then descend south through the woods still to the Lledr Valley where we cross under the railway and over the river at Pont Gethin. To save climbing another ridge, we follow the river westwards for a couple of miles before heading back North via an old Roman Road ‘ Sarn Helen’. On this stretch there are some lovely views {behind you] of Snowdonia. Descending on to the A5 road and valley we cross the river via the old ‘Miners’ Bridge’ before turning east back to the town either along the river bank or via a slightly higher wood/road track. Either way, we shall be in good time to relax in the pub.

We shall be amongst trees a fair bit so if you have any “mossi spray” then a good dose of it as you leave the coach on arrival would be a bonus. Because of the terrain, this walk has been shortened to about 8-9 miles but it remains ample to lose a few lbs!!

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