Monday, 27 April 2009

Our Walks from Hawkshead

We could not have been blessed with better weather for today's walks, as the sun shone down from an almost cloudless sky and with only a light breeze to freshen us. Little did we know that today was also the occasion of the third Hawkshead Trail Race so Hawkshead was buzzing with competitors and supporters, with a real festive atmosphere.
All 3 walk groups enjoyed both their walks and the day, coming back with a sense of achievement and contentment. The shops and cafes beckoned as we spent an hour enjoying the delights of this favourite lakeland village.

Some photographs from the 'B' Walk

Leaving the village

Through the woods

Are these two going to get the bus back!

Forming a nice queue to go through the stile
- well we did have ex schoolteachers in the group

Heading towards Outgate

Brief stop for a photo and admire the views

Crossing the stream via the stepping stones

Lunch stop overlooking Blelham Tarn

Climbing Latterbarrow

The top of Latterbarrow, heading for views across Windermere

Red Screes, Wansfell and the Sallows

Impressive Latterbarrow Obelisk

Being overtaken by some of the runners as we head down towards Colthouse

We seemed to be in the middle of the race at this point, which slowed us down as we stood to one side, but was still very interesting and exciting. There were runners of all ages and physical fitness. Some very serious and others just wanting to complete the course.

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