Saturday, 9 May 2009

Our May Walk to Burwardsley

Our next walk will be to the Cheshire village of Burwardsley and the Sandstone Trail and will be on;
Saturday May 9th 2009
The coach will leave the car park at the back of Iceland at 8.00am

Burwardsley is actually mentioned in the Doomesday book as having a population of 9 and many of it's fields have Norman names dating from that time. It is thought that the people settled there because it was a natural clearing in the forest and there was plenty of water from wells and springs. During the 19th Centuray many of its cottagers were involved in glove making at home and there were no fewer than five shoemakers.

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from Raw Head, pause to look back over the
beautiful sandstone countryside to Harthill.

Weather Forecast for area

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